Our Taiwan Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 5> Free & Easy Taipei

Day 5: Free & Easy Taipei > Taipei Main Station Underground city mall, Shi Lin Night Market

> Chill in hotel room in the morning
> Taipei Main Station Underground city mall
> Shi lin night market

One of our most relaxing day for our entire Taiwan Child Friendly Trip. Today is mainly Taipei Main Station Underground City Mall which is just a few MRT station away from Rido Hotel which is located right next to Da An Forest MRT. Super convenient!
View from our window

We slept in, went for our breakfast provided in our accommodation at Rido Hotel around 9 plus in the morning. 
They have a decent assortment of spread for breakfast, nothing too fanciful though.

Breakfast counter

Enjoying her koko crunch and sausage

She loves the lift at the hotel which comes with transparent glass so you have a good view of the internal structure of Rido Hotel.

We went back to the room to have a nice soak in the tub again before preparing to head to Taipei Main Station around noon where we can get lunch too.

In the MRT

The main reason we visited Taipei Main Station Underground City Mall was all because of Mr. Keir. There is an 'Otaku Street" in the "Y Mall' at Taipei Main Station Underground City Mall.

Pretty models built with LEGO on display

We're lucky to chance upon their visitor centre where they provide complimentary rental of strollers! Save our day as today is filled with walking and plenty of walking.
You either place a cash deposit with them or your passport which will be returned when you return the stroller. They have a maximum height limit of 95cm for rental of their strollers though.

There are just so many shopping malls at Taipei Main Station and they are all underground. Perfect for wet weather too.

Game stalls similar to those found at night markets can be found here as well. As usual, Sticky Bean has to give it a go. And I really like the fact that all kids get to receive a little item regardless of their scores at the game.

We had lunch at this western cafe - aargh I can't remember the name though but the food was pretty ok. 
My eggs benedict!

Finally a place to rest our tired feet

We hang out till 4 ish and head over to Shi Lin Night Market which we soon regretted. Being a Saturday, Shi Lin Night Market was mad crowded!
We enter a store quickly to settle our dinner before it gets even more crowded.

A simple dinner

There's really nothing much to shout about at Shi Lin Night Market. Except that Sticky Bean once again had plenty of fun at those game stalls. The place is so commercialised, the game stalls cost more than it does in other places as well.

A whole roasted suckling pig is definitely not a common sight back in Singapore

They have such long queues at the food stall, we didn't get to try a lot of their street food.
If given a choice again, we could have skipped Shi Lin Night market and visit a smaller night market which is less crowded since that will probably be more friendly for families with younger children.

Even though today was more like a shopping day, Sticky Bean KO-ed in the train when we're on the way back to the hotel. 

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 5: The most relaxing day for our entire Taiwan trip which is much needed. With the travelling and engaging a driver for the past few days, we try to make our FREE & Easy days as relaxing as possible. We slept in, had breakie in the hotel and went back to the room to rest and soak in the tub before heading out to Taipei Main Station around noon. 
We're happy to chance upon the visitor centre at the underground mall and discover that they provide FREE rental of strollers! 
Shi Ling Night Market was a mistake though, if we can choose again, we'd proably visit some other smaller scaled night market which is less crowded