Day 3: Zhongxiao Dunhua Rd, Wufenpu and Raohe Night Market

Today is dedicated for just Wufenpu and Raohe night market and since it’s night market so as usual we nua-ed after breakfast at the hotel, pop over 85 deg to get my favourite sea salt coffee and continue watching tv in the hotel room till early afternoon...

Decided to pop by Zhongxiao DunHua Road since we heard so much about the place, sadly we exited from the wrong exit hence end up finding the place nothing much and had Ding tai Feng there.
For those of you interested to visit this area, here’s the list of “recommend” places found on the internet

Pacific Sogo Dept Store 太平洋百貨公司 
• Zhongxiao Fuxing Station 中孝复兴捷运站 > Exit 4

Jacky Wu's Desert Shop (The Sweet Dynasty) 吴宗宪的店 (糖潮)
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 4 OR
• Zhongxiao Fuxing Station 忠孝复兴捷运站 > Exit 5
StayReal 旗舰店 Mayday – Ashin 阿信的店
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 2 > 1st street turn left

Ding Tai Feng
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 3 > Will see a Watsons > Walk straight to the next traffic light, and diagonally across on your right, can see a shopping mall "ATT" > Should be able to spot the red Ding Tai Feng signboard. It's located behind this mall

Food St 美食街
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 2 > Walk To 2nd Traffic Light > Cross The Road >Turn Left On Yanji St 延吉街
Jay Chou's Shop (Omni) 周杰伦的店 (Omni)
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 2 > When you walked out, you will see a Watsons (Qu Chen Shi) > Turn left to the lane besides it > Keep walking straight & you will pass by 4 small lanes then you will see a sign '161 lane' > Turn left & you will see Jay's Omni Shop > It's on the left side
Jay Chou's Shop (Phantaci) 周杰伦的店 (Phantaci)
• Zhongxiao Dunhua Station 中孝敦化捷运站 > Exit 2 > Walk pass Breeze 微风广场 & Union Bank 联邦银行 & turn > When turn, opps is En Tie Commercial Bank 安泰商业银行 > Located around 7-11

So we somehow walked pass Ding Tai Fung and decided to have our late lunch there.

he had this beef noodle there and i had suan la mian..very yummy! the ding tai feng here is indeed nicer than the one in Singapore

the famous Xiao Long Bao, they have like tons of chefs making the dumplings here and oooh it's so nice and yummy nicer than Singapore's. Think the price is slightly cheaper too cos of exchange rate and service is Fantastic!

After a hearty meal at Ding Tai Fung, it’s time to make our way to Wufenpu.

How to get to Wufenpu?

From Zhongxiao Dunhua road, we went back to take the MRT to Houshanpi Station 后山埤捷运站 > Exit 4 > Turn right > Turn right again > Walk straight.

Didn’t manage to take any pictures there, find the stuffs there ok and so-so? Some items are really cheap at like NT100 (SGD4+) bought some scarves, few tops and quite a few necklaces there and that’s about it?
Oh ya don’t remember seeing toilet there so better visit the restrooms at the MRT station before you head over to Wufenpu.

Since Raohe is of walking distance from Wufenpu, we tried to find our way there using the signboards as reference.
Walked past this train station called Songshan Station and you’re in the right direction! Actually do it the common sense way, we follow the crowd’s direction ahaha

if you see this temple, yes you're in the right direction! Raohe is just beside it!

Here’s another direction to Raohe taken off the internet.
 Raohe St. Night Market 绕河夜市 (Close @ 0100hrs) 
• After going to Wu Fen Pu > Walk to Songshan Station 松山站 > There's a red bridge (See The Sign) > Cross over to the other side OR 
• Taipei Main Station 台北车站 > Take Bus 605 or 276 > Stop at entrance of Raohe

Raohe is more for their street food I reckon, not much shopping there but tried some of the food..not too bad. We’ve been like eating non-stop so when it comes to Raohe, not much space left liao…

Mr Keri's favourite Oyster omelette. Tried the smelly beancurd there, not nice de, i personally prefer HK's version.

infamous taiwan mango ice! heh..not too bad..but not the best i think...

After 3 days of walking, i'm desperate for a foot massage! finally found a few places at Raohe Night market that offers foot massage.
Went for this simple 60 minute foot massage for NT500 (SGD21+) i think...
Not bad , service is good and they serve you floral tea too! not a cup but a pot!

soaking my fat, achy feet in the herbal bath...
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