Sticky Bean's Milestone - Self Feed at 16 months

When it comes to her milestone development, Sticky Bean's just pretty average I reckon. She learnt to walk when she's close to 13 months.

And now at 16 months, she's learning to self-feed with a fork. Of course, she's not proficient yet so we still have to guide her and help her at times. This is when i found this product exceptionally useful!
The munchkin stay put suction bowl. This is a must have for us both at home or when we are eating out. Love how it suctions the bowl in place and makes it so much easier for Sticky Bean to try eating her snacks or in this instance, self feeding. 
It caught us by surprise when we decided to just pass her a fork and see what she will do. To our surprise, she knew what to do with the fork. Thanks to the observation skills that most babies/toddlers are born with.
Self feeding with the munchkin stay put suction bowl definitely makes things a lot easier. What else to discourage a toddler from self feeding from a bowl that is constantly moving and when he/she has difficulties getting the food?
We've got ours at $15 at one of the Baby Fairs. It comes in a pack of 3 bowls of different sizes but only the smallest one comes with a lid.
It can also be purchased in most departmental stores or from iherb

Our sticky bean sure is growing up fast. They are learning new things everyday just by observing the adults. This little cheeky girl even knows ''pretend-play'' now, she'd pretend to be eating when she's playing halfway, use whatever toy that she has and pretend it is a spoon with the 'mum mum mum'' sound effect.

Aww Sticky Bean, you simply melt Daddy's and Mummy's heart with your cheekiness. If only you'd learn to stop screaming for things and try to speak the words....