NSRCC Chalet Review

Finally, we had our very first official family chalet with my immediate family members at NSRCC. We (my side of the family) never had a family chalet before and since Stick Bean's 1st birthday was celebrated at Aloha Loyang and we were so busy, we hardly have time to enjoy and spend more time with each other, we thought ''hey, maybe we should just book a chalet for us!'' 
With a pre schoolers and 2 toddlers in mind, we definitely need to look for a child friendly and spacious chalet and that was how we decided on the NSRCC chalet.

It was great, both adults and kids had plenty of fun and we managed to spend more time together as a family. You see, even when we meet at my mum's place or brother's place for dinner, we will always be rushing home after dinner as Baby Ashlene will start to fuss when it's near her bed time. But being at NSRCC chalet is so different, we'd just let her sleep on the mattress while we adults continue to chill in front of the telly and chat at the same time.

January is like the super off peak period to book a chalet since school term for the new year just started. We managed to book the NSRCC chalet and got to choose the unit near to the swimming pool. Being a Monday - Wednesday, super off-peak period, it's at a mere $160 per night! How reasonable that is that.

All of us preferred NSRCC chalet over Aloha Loyang. Even though there's only 2 bedrooms (relatively small) and 2 bathrooms, unlike Aloha Loyang with 4 bedrooms and their 4 attached bathrooms.
NSRCC chalet has been refurbished, everything just looks a lot newer and cleaner! Perfect for our family of 6 adults, 1 pre-schooler, and 2 toddlers.
Major plus point is the air-conditioned living room, which is important for us since we have to keep the sliding doors close to prevent the toddlers from running outdoors.
Even though only 4 beds are available, you can rent the mattress from them at just $2 per day.
Click here if you want to see how the NSRCC chalet looks like.

Now for the photos.

Sticky Bean relaxing and enjoying in the spacious living room while waiting for her cousins to arrive.


this is where the rented mattress comes in handy! the kiddos decided to have their milk at the same time

They have a baby-friendly kids pool as well.Comes equipped with the kids favorite water play.
As a matter of fact, they have a baby pool, a children's pool, and a decent sized adult pool.

We brought the kiddos to the pool twice and both times, it was as though it's our private pool! 

look at the colourful play structures

Of course, Sticky Bean  had so much fun in the kiddy pool. The water is so shallow that she can walk and crawl around the whole pool comfortably.

And then they have a kids playground as well, which is just outside our chalet unit.

 The not-so-good thing about the NSRCC chalet units is that it's a double-storey. So the stairs can be a potential danger zone for the toddlers. But Sticky Bean has got this thing for stairs!! She loves to climb up and down the stairs and it's so tiring trying to fetch her back to the living area.

my bro the bbq chef and he's really good at it!

what is a chalet without BBQ?
when this happens, it's party time for the adults!~haha all 3 of them were so tired, they fell asleep in the living room
the 'morning-after''Sticky Bean  trying to do a thumbs up and yes this is her thumbs up..

addicted to her pillow
To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of the NSRCC Chalet.

- Spacious and air-conditioned living and dining area
- Basic toiletries and towels are provided
- Furniture is relatively new and place has been refurbished
- Seems cleaner than the other chalets
- Children's playground available
- Wonderful baby's/kids' swimming pool which is perfect for the toddlers and young children
and so, yes chances are we will go back again for another family chalet!! 
- Superb housekeeping services, they provided us with an insecticide when we realized we've forgotten to bring ours.

- As with most chalets, insects and lizards are like the resident of the chalet. It's a must to bring an insecticide as well as mozzie/insect sprays!
- The kitchen is not as fully equipped compared to Aloha Loyang. They only have 1 induction cooker and 1 pot for you to use. the inventory list is definitely not as exhaustive as Aloha's
- Close proximity to the neighboring unit. In our unit, 38P the neighbor's BBQ pit is just next to ours
- Double storey can post danger to the toddlers, we have to keep an eye on them 24/7

But hey, the pros strongly outweigh the cons. 
So, it's a YES! we will definitely be returning to NSRCC Chalets again!
And so we did go back again end of the year in 2015. Click here to read more about the updates!