How to Make Sensory Bottles for Babies & Toddlers

My first attempt at DIY Sensory Bottles for Baby Ashlene. Really it’s so simple to make and the end result is so pretty!
This DIY Sensory Bottle is also versatile, there are just so many variations we can do.

Major plus point is that the materials are mostly recycled, unwanted stuffs or in the case of poms poms, really inexpensive. With its versatility, it can keep your toddler occupied for quite a while!

This is my  first version of a DIY Sensory Bottle for Baby Ashlene. 
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

It's a visually stimulating sensory bottle of glitter poms poms with some silver sequins which I've found lying around in my office. Shall try the next one with glitter as well. I’m sure it will look so much prettier with glitter. I love it so much that I’ll make one for myself to put at work, now I know why it's also called a calming jar. It does make someone feels peaceful and lighten your mood when looking at it. 
Seriously, this photo just ain't doing justice to this DIY sensory bottle it looks really pretty in real life when you see the poms poms and glitter swirling around.
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers
To DIY a sensory bottle for visually stimulating version, all you need is:

- A recycled plastic bottle
- Water 
- Poms poms 
- Sequins or glitter

Just need to fill the bottle with water and insert the selected objects inside. It will be good to place some glue on the cap before you twist it in to prevent babies or toddlers from accidentally opening the bottle and ingesting the objects.

I got the following poms poms from Taobao for $3.80 inclusive of shipping to Singapore. But it can be purchased at Spotlight as well.
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

Besides being fascinated with this DIY sensory bottle, there is something else that kept Baby Ashlene occupied for a long time and it has something to do with the poms poms!

Having fun with poms poms

She love putting the poms poms into the bottle, taking them out (with my assistance) and then putting them back in again. But this has to be done under supervision as she has the tendency to put things into her mouth.
How to make sensory bottles for babies or toddlers
There're plenty of variations you can experiment with DIY Sensory Bottles for your babies or toddlers.
You can try to Make a Sensory Bottle that creates sounds and rattle with the following:

- Empty bottle
- Rice / beads / beans
- little plastic objects such as dices, bells, plastic figurines, beads

Really the creations are just never ending! I'm so addicted to it, I''m trying to collect more bottles and to create different versions altogether.

Here're some other ideas found online:

a version with just glitter