Sticky Bean's Milestones @ 3 months

Sticky Bean's milestones ain't fantastic given that she's a premature baby and the PD advised us to deduct 1.5 mths off for her developmental progress.
This reminded me of how we were freaking if she could be autistic when she did not start babbling and take an interest in our faces when she's 2 mths old, unlike her cousin, Asher who is 5 days older than her.

So at 3 months, these are the little milestones achieved.

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She finally took an interest in toys! she loves this Lamaze fairy with black and white patterns at the back of her wings and the tiny rattle that produces noise when she attempts to swing her fist at her.

 Looking at her toy intensely and even started babbling to her toy. She loves to talk to this fairy and her interest in this toy lasted only 3 weeks, after which she ignored the Lamaze fairy totally. =____=

Now I know why we should introduce new toys to babies one at a time, they get bored out of it so soon!
But the Lamaze fairy really helps a lot in distracting her and it makes diaper change and the nightly wipe down a breeze for us. She used to hate lying in the cot for wipe down and diaper change and will cry till you are done and picked her up.

And then she starts to take interest in the musical mobile made of 4 little lambs, can't remember the brand but I remembered we bought the cheapest from Kiddy Palace at about $25. A fraction of the price compared to mobiles by tiny love, fisher price etc easily costing $79 and above.

We're so glad that this became her next favorite after she got bored of Ms. Lamaze Fairy. Serves as a good distraction as well, in fact, she loves the mobile so much not only did she attempted to babble to the lambs, she smiled at them as well.

 Looking intently at her tantalizing lambs musical mobile

I also took out her wrist rattle from Lamaze and she seems curious about it for probably 3 days and lost her interest. ZZzz.
The first time I put the wrist rattle on her, she stared at it for a long time and then attempt to lick it. lol.

At 3 months, we decided to open up her fisher price play gym which is a gift from her god ma.

and it works like wonder for her, she loves to lie on the play gym so much, looking and trying to swat at the toys to eventually taking her nap on the play mat.

finally managed to take the time to update the blog, hoping to track her milestones here which I'm sure it will be really useful in future.