Reading Habit Starts Young! @ 3 months

After purchasing 2 books for Baby Ashlene from Books depository, i've decided to pop by the National Library to see if they have baby books for loan in order to save money.
and to my delight, they have tons of selection!
including the black and white books i've been trying to find for ages! gosh should have went to the library before purchasing the books online.

As their colour vision is limited, they can probably only see black and white as well as red @ 3 month plus, hence getting a black and white high contrast book will be great for stimulating young babies.

I found these books and they have plenty of selection still! decided to let baby ashlene try looking at the colourful books with flashes of bright colour polka dots and shapes but she seemed to only take interest in the black and white books.

She really looked as though she's doing some serious reading

and this, Daddy says she looks like ah pek reading newspaper, blowing bubble with her saliva some more.

Finally, she got bored with the book.

Another money saving method! borrow books instead of buying them. If you're worried that the books are filled with germs, I actually cleaned them with dettol at home before passing them to baby ashlene, most of the baby books are hard covered and water proof so it's pretty easy to clean them up.
surprisingly, they are in pretty good condition too!