Baby's items

We still have >4 more months to go, but we've already started buying bit by bit for the necessities. As my brother advised, it's better to take our time and buy the items bit by bit than wait till last trimester and rush to get everything at once, very "xiong on the pockets as well".

So we just went to look see when we happen to be out on the weekends for any good deals, or sales items and to purchase some items for fun, in just limited pieces so we won't over buy.
though it's so hard to resist buying the cutesy girlish stuff for baby girls!

here's what we have on hand, little sticky bean even start to receive pressies already.
i've couple more items ordered online, which has not arrived yet.

As for big ticket items such as cots etc, we'll buy it probably nearer to last trimester or at the taka fair happening end july.

Let's start off with the lovely pressies sticky bean has received:

 Hanging musical mobile to keep her entertained in the cot.

very cute pair of socks, both from Auntie joey and uncle Andy! These were sticky bean's very first pressie! when they bought the pressie, the gender is still unknown, hence the neutral colours hee..

The following 2 items were bought at Motherhood expo fair end May.
At that time, we're still unaware of sticky bean's gender, hence it's so difficult to buy things. we have no choice but to stick to the neutral colours which ain't as nice imo compared to the pinky or blue sets.

set of rompers, 4 for $16, usual price was $28. Sticking to the neutral colours and we thought to buy a bigger size, hence this is for 3-6mths. looking at it now i think the designs look very boy leh, maybe at that point in time the whole world was guessing sticky bean is a boy, so i ended up choosing this set..haha..

also 2 sets of carter's hankie at just $6!! the material is good! very soft, there's 8 pieces in each pack i think. heard that we will need plenty of hankies, hmm not sure if these suffice.

and then, we happend to shop at OG chinatown after visiting the travel agency in chinatown to settle our babymoon short getway and there's 20% storewide so we got the following items in newborn sizes for sticky bean, since auntie joey shared that it's not easy to find the tie string design in our heartland area and tie strings are good for newborns since they go easy on the umblical cord area.

Recommended by Auntie joey for the neutral and cooling design. after 20% it's only $2.30.

tie strings kimono style shirts for newborn. the sizes are so small and it look so cute! since baby gona outgrown it soon so we only bought 2 pieces. it's  more like a, everywhere we go we just buy 1-2 piece if deal is ok, perhaps also to "get into the mood" for preparing for baby's arrival lolx...
the tops are at about $6.90 each, after discount $5.50 and materials seems so soft

got this panda rompers cos Daddy likes the design! haha..just in case we need to bring sticky bean out when she's still wearing new-born size. else at home she'll probably stick to just tops and pampers below since she'll be swaddled most of the time especially during the first month.
$12.90, after discount: $10.32

then, ever since we found out that sticky bean is a girl, my shopping spree for girly stuffs begin! haha..mostly we purchased online though i have 6 pieces purchased in a taobao spree before knowing sticky bean is a girl, it's a pity cos the designs i chose then were all very neutral, still waiting for the items to arrive.

Just went to Baby Kingdom over the weekend with Mr. Keir and my brother and got the following items.

can't resist buying something girly for sweet sticky bean. especially when it's on discount at just $4.90. a cap with matching socks. since sticky bean needs a wear caps to protect the head if we happen to bring her out in the early months.

                         again, offer item save $5 so just buy to standby in case i started leaking early...which i hope not..

Bought this after seeing my brother buying one pack, ahah, they are preparing for their 2nd baby's arrival  too and it will be about 4 weeks earlier than mine. it's a good thing so we can go basic necessities shopping together and "copy" what they buy since we're clueless on most things.
This is to be used with the cloth diapers we're intending to use. Haven't purchase the cloth diapers yet since mum is going to bangkok next week and she wants to see if it's cheaper to purchase the cloth nappies from there..

 and here comes the "biggest" buy so far.
Philips / Avent sterilizer.
Initially we wanted to wait for Taka fair to purchase but saw this bundle deal at baby kingdom which seemed to be very similar with those deals at expo.
costs $138 inclusive of sterilizer and 3 milk bottles, Free 2 huggies wet wipes.
Avent milk bottles are not cheap to begin with, close to $20 per bottle so the bottles itself is worth $60 already. hence we thought this is a really good deal. comes with 2 years warranty too.

Aftere baby kingdom, we happend to be at OG albert area, again we saw very good deals for baby's clothes! so as usual, our SOP, we bought one set. haha.. for 3-6mths, 2 piece for $5 only!