The Miscarriage: The depression?

So was i suffering any form of depression?
Initially i was pretty sure that i am ok and optimistic about it, but at times i felt otherwise.

Not too sure if this is largely due to my heavy weight gain after our wedding.

It's like all the stretched skin, bloated-ness, tummy is perfectly ok if you are preggie or you've given birth to a healthy baby eventually, but suffering from the same symptoms and worse still, there's no baby just reminds me of the miscarriage over and over again.

recently i've been dreaming of babies, as if i'm not feeling emo & depressed enough over my fat figure now.

Gynae says it's best again to try after 2 cycles, but it's also perfectly fine if i happen to conceive again before that.
From most of the source online, almost 80% is saying it's perfectly fine to try as soon as you think you are ready and the reason for gynae to encourage trying after your first cycle is for merely for easy dating purpose.

much as i am impatient and really want to conceive asap, what if it's another failed pregnancy again?
and i hate to be told "i told you so to try after 2 months or to let your body rest first"

How easy is it for one to conceive again after a miscarriage?

i guess i know the situation pretty well...all the more i want to start trying early.


  1. I had a miscarriage too before I had my second son (now 19mo) and it was most discouraging to hear people go on about how it might take ages to conceive again... but 2 mths after my D&C, I found out I was expecting. The first trimester saw me resting as much as I can because I was fearful from my earlier experience, but as I entered the second tri, things eased up and I enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy. My first pregnancy went smoothly (and my eldest son is now 10yo) so it was a shock when I experienced that miscarriage. =) All the best.

  2. Hi daughter of sarah
    thank you for the encouraging's been 3 months + after the D&c and sadly my menses cycle is kind of screwed up...the first cycle came 2 months after the D&C and i'm still waiting for the next cycle which has been almost 2 months already.
    i do hope the cycle gets back to normal soon so that we can start calculating the fertile period and hope to conceive soon.


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