The Miscarriage: @ 10 weeks preggie with lil bun

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This should be how our little bun should look like now at 10 weeks..that is not our lil bun's image though, got it off the net.
Going to see gynae again this Friday.

We’re both so excited and looking forward that we can see our lil bun again. Hopefully this time round the scan will be as clear as the above picture.
The previous time cos my bladder was quite empty, we only manage to catch a blinking thingy that we were told was the heart beat and that’s about it.

Morning sickness

Just when I was told that morning sickness peaks at week 8 – week 10, mine somehow worsens at the 10th week.
Was feeling so bloated for the past few days, I couldn’t complete a single full meal.
The only proper meal I’ve eaten yesterday was a bowl of cereal with milk..hmm…and if you include the chee cheong fun I had in the morning for breakfast hehz..
I have to skip dinner as well cos I was just too bloated to eat…

My reaction to food seemed to change as well. Initially I love fruits and they always make me feel better, or maybe cos lil bun loves fruits?
However as I’m typing this now, I just came back from the bathroom after puking out my breakie and it was like immediately after I’ve finished an apple hmm..

Had cereal with milk for breakie at 9plus this morning and it’s 12 plus in the afternoon, after feeling queasy the whole morning, I thought I felt better after drinking half a cup of ginger tea and decided to eat an apple since fruits always make me feel better..

Who knows the apple actually cause me to puke out my cereal and it was so much puke! I think I really puked out the whole bowl of cereal..geez…it’s been 3 hours since I ate them and the food is still not digested? Hmm..

Puked till there’s this very bitter taste in my mouth..yikes!
Now I wonder if I should take my folic acid again and if it’s been puked out earlier on..hmm…

Lil bun..oh lil bun! Mummy and daddy can’t wait to see you this Friday!! Mummy is sure all these is well worth it as it shows that you’re doing well in mummy’s tummy to trigger all these pregnancy symptoms in mummy..