Our Wedding Photographer - AD Morning

Apologies for the super outdated post, was waiting for the shots from ZonZon Photograpy.
This is our photography plus videography package, one of the most reasonable package I've found.

You can refer to their Facebook for some of their works. Though there isn’t many works uploaded . We’re kind of skeptical when we first signed the package with them but ZonZon did not disappoint us at all.
For a very reasonable priced package(less than 2k)inclusive of full day photography and morning videography with express highlights it’s definitely worth it.
Plus the team is young and fun! Our bridal party had a lot of fun mingling with them too.

Just take a look at our photos and all the laughter we have on our faces, you’ll know!

I’m posting only a few selective shots as most of the photos can be found in my facebook, if you need the url for reference, drop me a message ya.

 early in the morning when my eye is still not fully opened..haha

 likey this shot...i love candid shots actually..

 love this satin bow..it gives your gown a total different feel altogether. and the photography is so meticulous to capture little details like this!

and details like these...hee..

Special edited pictures as highlights from them too..with my lovely jiemeis all pretty in pink.
Bought this reversible convertible dresses for them at only $36 each and the quality is super good.
Heavy material and thick not the filmsy kind. Got it from My Little Bow

Seller is very nice to respond to my last minute help too.

love how they capture the reflections of the other two on the car window too...

and shots like these without the faces..hee..that's how high my heels were..

this makes a perfect Cover photo with the bridal party!
i love how they capture expression shots from the audience instead of just focusing on the couple. these are the really special moments that will be more meaningful for us.

Laughter and more laughter...somehow an old flat appeared relatively new in their shots!

love this photo too..make me look so blissful....

one of those rare shots from this angle that doesn't make u look fat!

and this looks like one of the pre-wedding shots..haha..the shops make a good background! shun bian take pre-wedding shots leh...FREE somemore..lolx

another artsy shot. this was taken in the lift.

ooh yet another pre-wedding shot pose..haha..makes me look tall and slim! (i'm 1.58m only btw)

Capturing all the important, happy moments.
They capture the whole process with so many frames per second that i can simply put this series as a .gif file! See how the bouquet flies...

more blissful shots...

and candid ones..

Alrightey to be fair they are certainly not the kind of top-notch award winning photographers but hey, don't pay for a 3 star hotel and expect 5 stars service and quality right?

For their price and this kind of quality i must say i am really impressed and there's no regrets engaging them at all.

We are a practical couple, you can pay double the price for an award winning photography but how many of us really appreciate that kind of photography?