Our Solemnization at Raffles Country Club

Our Solemnization photos. All shots taken by ZonZon Photography
Some shots from our Solemnization at Raffles Country Club.
Love the view there, solemnization by a lake in Singapore. How often do you get that?

Again only selected shots were posted. If you need to refer to more shots for the location or to take a look at the photography, do drop me a note, i'll send you my facebook page. =)

me loving candid shots and most importantly, the photographer knows how to capture flattering shots.
Especially if you're fleshy like me and have a round face, a wrong angled shot can really ruin you!!

close up on the wedding pillow and rings.

 the mini march in for solemnization

 Our solemnization with the lake as back drop. How beautiful the scenery is.

more candid shots...

Our Solemnizer - Mr. Simon See. He runs courses and talks on marriage too.

very flattering shots on the ring exchange. i never knew my fat fingers can look so nice here..haha..

when you have a beautiful natural backdrop and a good photographer, everything seems so perfect

signing on the dotted lines with our ostrich feather pens

that's how all other shots with relatives and friends look like, against the beautiful, serene lake as backdrop

This is why having a beautiful venue for your solemnization is important, you get to take more shots and something different from your pre-wedding! it's like additional shots for your pre-wedding album
those who've tried taking photos of babies and kids will know. It's extremely challenging to capture a nice shot of them.
But i'm so lucky that ZonZon managed to capture such a perfect, tender moment!!

another perfect moment captured. The sun is setting. ain't it beautiful?