Site Recce - Orchid Ville @ Mandai

Last weekend Mr. Keir and myself popped by another site.
Many may not have heard of this place, Orchid Ville.
It was actually recommended by Mandai Orchid since it had end its lease early this year i think.

From the online images, I kind of like the unique, Jungle, rainforest themed. The fact that the venue gives the outdoor feel but is actually indoors and the lush of greenery that aids in your decor and theme.

The place itself is pretty ulu, though it says it's a stone throw away from the Singapore Zoo. but i reckon you gotta be some olympic discus thrower or something to throw a stone from the Singapore Zoo and to land it in Orchid Ville. (it's damn far from Singapore zoo la...)

Alrighty that's a negative point already. Venue = hard to find. super inaccessible especially for non-drivers. Even the wedding planner have to call for a cab after we're done with our appointment.

Also we went through a state of shock when we eventually turned into Orchid Ville.
The exterior of the place was beyond imagination. Almost immediately, we thought of skipping this appointment altogether.

But heck since we're already here, just take a look inside loh.

The interior's really nice though, like how it seemed on the images. Very jungle - feel and we absolutely love the reception area. it's filled with trees with vines draping from the top. (bottom right image)
totally Tarzan & Jane style.

with the many twigs and branches, there're tons of decors and ideas that we can play around with. it'll give the whole area a different feel altogether.

 As we're planning more on a reception, we're looking at the long table set-up as shown on the top image above.
also they are throwing in this wedding cake/cup cake too. I kind of love it leh..very nice though some commented the whole place and decor seemed a little "Malay".
But hey do you know that "Malay" weddings are one of those with the best decor!? I love the way they use the lights and laces and I do think that our Malay counterparts are really good with little decors like these. Look at how they decorate a simple cookie/ kueh jar with fabrics and laces during Hari Raya.

Ok now, for the major BOO-BOO!! The exterior of the area will give our guests a total shock just as how it did to us we reckon....

Don't it just look like an abandoned farm?

and now for the ultimate exterior walls.

looks totally like an abandoned temple...totally completed with Ah wang helping to keep an eye on your cars...
don't get me wrong, i've no issues against strays it's probably just the feel of the whole place complete with little elements like these....

The Verdict

1) Unique theme and location - meets our objective
2) Flexibility of choosing our decor theme, even colours
3) Wedding planner included - he'll coordinate the nitty gritties including the kind of decors or items you want for your reception
4) throwing in the wedding cake/cupcake, ang pow boxes, guest book etc. ya i know these are common but what's unique about it is that they are hand-made!
5) very much like ball-room concept where i can have my march-in in my 'dream gown' hehez...
6) The wedding planner/ coordinator, Nizam has been pretty nice and seemed to know his stuffs
7) this place will be ending its lease next year too, so it's probably gona add some value to this venue.

1) location is not accessible
2) the exterior really CMI
3) may have an overdose of a "malay wedding" feel.
4) not sure about the quality of the food.
5) may have a cheapo feel

Conclusion: KIV also loh..

We wanted to pop by Beau Lieu place which is located at Sembawang thereafter but it's a pity they're open only during lunch and dinner.

So right now we'll be doing a site recce at Raffles Country Club over this weekend and see if we can pop by Beau Lieu as well as it's back to considering Seb Bistro @ 7 Rochestor again..

Our weekends has been made once again different with all the visits to places we've never been to. An experience which both of us enjoyed and i think yes, that's the way it should be.
A couple should enjoy the whole process of planning for their marriage together, exploring the ideas together instead of rushing through time and thinking about making a profit out of the banquet altogether.


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