Objective of this blog...

Sometimes I confuses myself with the objective of this blog, there're just so many more informative wedding blogs out there I guess my contribution won't make much of any difference, hence this blog will be used more for myself (or us) to record the whole journey from being a Miss to a Mrs. :)

I'll try my best to record the progress as often as I can during this period as I'm sure it will be so sweet when we look back at this blog and reminisce this journey together at a later stage of our life.

Also to my friends who will eventually be a BTB in the near future, I hope more or less this blog can give them a general idea of the whole prep and all.

I do think recording litle entries here and there will aid us in marking the progress as well as refresh our memory a little especially on the sites visited.

So I may not include as much information as any BTB may need, but if any of you require a detailed breakdown or costings etc, please drop me a message or email ya...