the Dilemma is back again: A Reception or a Banquet?

Though we've previously more or less settled for a Reception idea but the other place of choice; Riverboat house has its pros and cons.
We're concerned with our guests having sea sick and not enjoying the whole celebration as well as the narrow stairs to climb up to the decks can be relatively inconvenient for ME! oh yes Me la, imagine wearing a nice, flowy wedding's difficult not to trip over them!

So we are KIV-ing that place and in the meantime going for site recce at other places too.
There's a mini show at Marina Square from 14th to 17th July and we've came across this place, it's one of the restaurants at Raffles Country Club.

OMG the scenery is fantabulous! and the ballroom is as fantabulous as well. (ballroom = Me can wear dreamy gown with long long train..!!)

There's a lake view where we can do our solemnization and best of all, we can do our march-in with a BUGGY!
The Buggy comes decorated as well..

Image Source (above image is for illustration only)

Here are some images I've found online via a blog. From the reviews I've read about this place, it's all praises and how breath taking the scenery is!
Not many is aware of this beautiful place. But here's the set back, beautiful scenery usually means Ulu-ness. it's at the far end of Jurong, very near to Tuas already.
But coach pick-up can be arranged so i guess the venue should be ok?

The above images weren't doing the place justice, I've seen the images at the show earlier, at night, there're tiny lights on the ceilings and it made it look like Stars! so it's very much an indoor location that looks like outdoor..woohooo...

and here's another image of the lake where we can do the solemnization.

The issue now is, this place will be the PERFECT place for a dinner banquet due to its night view. They do have reception as well but it kinda looks weird right? Having reception in this kind of settings.

And the pricing is pretty similar cos reception is charged by per pax.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting Orchid Ville @ Mandai for another site recce and maybe pop by Beau Lieu place as well.

Guess I'll post another recce review summary after tomorrow.

What a Headache neh!!!

Basically we want a venue and celebration that our guests will enjoy and a place that is memorable and unique as compared to the traditional banquet. We do not want to bore the guest with a typical usual chinese dinner banquet where we've got an overdose of...

i guess that can be overcome with some pre dinner activities, the breath-taking view and a nice theme ya?